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Weis DAC 202 Review?

I was curious to know if Stereophile has any plans to review this device anytime in the near future? The device seems to have generated quite a stir from other reviewers who have spent time with it. The problem is, the other reviews and magazines do not include any measured test results of the hardware itself.

The price point of this device sits perfectly between several other known good DACs so it would seem like a good product to put under the microscope. I would be very curious to know how close it comes to the DCS Dubus DAC and if it is any better then the already well reviewed Ayre QB9

I find the testing process that JA performs on the equipment in Sterophile reviews is priceless and is one of the main reasons why I will be a long term subscriber to the mag. I just wish some of the other audio mags would wake up and perform testing as well.

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