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weakest link for Monitor Audio Silver RS6

Hi all,

I have had an audio system for about three years as described below:
- source & DA: Logitech transporter streaming .flac from PC
- amplifier: NAD 325BEE
- speakers: Monitor Audio Silver RS6

Unfortunately, the system does not sound anywhere close to what I would expect for the expense, especially vocals. It does not help that the room is far from perfect (hardwood floor, lots of windows), but I can't change that.

Could someone help me identify the weakest link in this setup (I suspect the amp) and suggest a relatively cost-effective way to upgrade/ replace for a harmonious system?

Thank you kindly

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Weakest Link

I've always thought the weakest link was the listener. Your speakers are capable of very nice sound so I would question your other components. If possible borrow some source and amplifier components from a friend for a demo. System synergy is such a big thing that just purchasing components, even decent ones without matching them is a big crap shoot. I assume you've tried moving your speakers around, checking polarity, and experimenting with different speaker cables, power cords and interconnects? Are your components functioning as they were designed? If your using a PC as a sourse, is it connected to the same AC line as your other gear, a real no no.

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Make sure you are streaming bit perfect with a

WASAPI plugin. While your loudspeakers have relatively high sensitivity, they might benefit from increased and better quality power for improved dynamics. I would look for something with at least double the power of the NAD. Perhaps an Anthem Integrated 225, Music Hall A70.2, Cambridge Audio Azur 740A or 840A, or NAD C 375 BEE. I would also look into some relatively unobtrusive acoustic room treatments like RoomTunes.

JoeE SP9
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Fix the room

Have you heard of rugs and curtains?

Room treatments don't have to come from the agricultural school of design. A plush throw rug and some heavy curtains can make even a truly awful sounding room sound better.

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bigD I feel your pain. I also

bigD I feel your pain. I also have a pair of Monitor Audio RS6's. I have struggled t get them to sound good and have failed. I think my room may be too small for them. My system consists of a Marantz SA 8001 and highly modded Rega Planar 2 with latest motor as sources. The speakers are driven by a Krell S-300i integrated amp. I can get deep bass, high volumes but I can not get what I consider to be music. I found that the speakers have good attack but very short decay. This makes them sound somewhat relentless to me. I am only about 7 feet from the speakers and that in my opinion is too close.

I am currently using a smaller speaker which I think integrates into the room much better. They make music for me. My RS6's and an Onkyo A-9555 integrated amp may end up in the back of my brother's vehicle this Christmas.

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