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Is a warm & detailed solid state preamp possible for under $2500 used?

Ok, I'm almost there with all but a preamp to bring it together. I use my system all day every day so tubes are likely gonna burn out fast. I have:

Thiel 3.6 speakers

Bryston 4B-SST amp

Bryston BDA-1 DAC

Rega P3 w/ RB300 and Dynavector 10x5

and... what preamp??????

My room is hairly hard so bightness needs to be minimized. I also favor a warmer sound in general.

I have on hand a Bryston BP25 (very bright and fatiguing) and a McIntosh C15 (better but a not super transperent and detailed). 

I'm considering:

Classe, Simaudio, Krell, Pass, Mark Levinson, Parasound, Placette. 

Any suggestions as to which models to look at? What am I missing?

Many thanks for reading.



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What am I missing?

Acoustical room treatments.

tom collins
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consider a Doge 8.  uses small common tubes with very long life.  built like a tank, sounds great, around $1500 with stock tubes, buy a set of really good tubes and keep the originals for spares.  check out the review on salvatore's high end audio page.  i have one, can't be happier.

good luck.



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