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Vintage Rek-o-Cut turntable

Hi folks,
My father-in-law just passed away, and he has a working Rek-O-Cut Rondine Jr. turntable built into a Colonial Reproductions cabinet seen here:   My mother-in-law is looking to sell it but we are trying to get a value for it.  I saw a different model sell on Ebay for $895 built into a box.     
This thing has original bill of sale and all the manuals, etc. IT is only 33 RPM and 78 RPM, no 45 rpm.   Just curious if anyone has an idea and if they might be interested. She lives on Cape Cod, MA.

Anyone have any idea how to value it?  It was top of the line from what I read on the documents when he bought it years ago...  

Thanks for your help in this time of grief.

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VinylEngine forum is the place

for many questions vintage turntables.

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