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Vintage Marantz 2230B or something newer like a Cambridge Audio 550A?

ok, SOOO ......

I already have a Marantz 2230B, but it needs work.  Luckily I have access to an amazing tech who can recap and make it nice again for around $200.

So i'm wondering, should I go this route or get something new like a 

Cambridge Audio 550A or 650Aor something similar in price, 

I've never had a new amplifier before always gone vintage, and

also i don't have much experience always just dabbled.  Another problem

with going NEW is i'd have to get a dedicated Pre-Amp for the TT.


Other things to note, i like experimental, avante garde, electronic, and jazz music

Also i will most likely be using a a Pro-Ject III or REGA RP1 Turntable (this is something

i'm also trying to figure out)  

As far as SPEAKERS, still haven't gotten that far either but have been snooping around B&W ones. 

My room is about 200-225SQFT


Looking fwd to hearing from everyone!

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If you liked the sound of your Marantz, maybe just get it repaired. If you weren't happy with its sound (when it worked), try something new. 

I used to have a Marantz 2270 up until a few years ago, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get it repaired. Well I did get it repaired a few times over the years, but it wasn't fixed right, so I gave up on it.  Should have given it another try with a better tech.

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