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Vintage B&O vs new Rega RP1?

I'm looking at getting a new turntable, I don't know much about turntables but I'm a  digital audiophile making a move into the analog world.  I'm torn between purchasing a new Rega RP1 or a vintage turntable in good shape.  I'm curious if I should expect better sound from the newer units with more technilogical advancements.

This was listed near me, it's a B&O record player with new belt from the 80's, owned by a vintage audio technician and in good shape:



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Get the Rega or a

Music Hall MMF-2.2.

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Another vote for the Rega. I

Another vote for the Rega. I owned a B&O RX2 and the automation was nice but the sound was not up to a simpler manual table. B&O no longer make cartridges or did noo last I checked. Soundsmith has reverse engineered some of the cartridges. The Rega can accept a wider range of cartridges.

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Rega for a 100 different reasons--OK maybe a dozen, but there is no contest. The B&O was not terrible in it's day, but not great either. Even then a Rega Planar 1 would have beat it sonically. Today, I would not buy a vintage B&O TT for anything.

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Rega for sure

Parts availability, ease of experimenting with carts and yeah, sound.

I worked at a place in '89-'93 that had what might have been the last of the B&O turntables. Never had a real opportunity to compare it against the Dual 505 we also had, but I know it wasn't in the same league as the Dual CS-5000 for sound.

The B&O did have one trick up its sleeve however. It seemed virtually immune from environmental vibration, at least coming directly from atop the plinth. With a record playing, you could POUND your fist on top of the plinth and not only would the cart not skip but you could scarcely hear a thump out of the speakers. Wild stuff. (And no, I wasn't above performing that trick in order to sell one.)

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