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I have just uploaded 3 LPs into my computer. Way too time consuming for me at this point. I did give it a whirl. I think that having a music server for my LP collection is not in the cards at this point. I guess truncating back of 78RPM to 33.3 is out of the question? Yup!

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Good workplace.
At me same:)

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This rooom is all changed out now.

It consists of:
Yamaha CX-2 preamp with an MX 60 amp, Yamaha P550 TT with an Ortofon OM 30, Denon DRS-610 3 head cassette deck, sony DVP-NS 755 DVD/SACD player. My HP desktop sits in the adjoining room to remove the fan noise from the listening space. It is strictly a redbook music server now with an M-Audio DIO2448 card for playback and a M-Audio Flying Calf 2448 ADC for inputing analogue files. The computer monitor is an old Sony 14" crt. I have an old 20" RCA/Proton CRT for displaying DVD video if I need to. The speakers are my trusty refurbished AR-58s. Any recording in this room is now with my Dell Inspirion 5100 laptop at 2496 with my Echo Indigo IO card and Audio DVD Creator. Recording software is Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio build 9d (2496) The new build 10 does 24192. It is cheap and excellent software.

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