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V-Link - USB Hub for Isolation
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adding another device, (and another cable), for the soul purpose of power isolation seems like overkill for a sonic benefit that would be slight, at best. that's just me. to your point - I think those wall worts are just as "noisy" as a computer's power supply. dig around Computer Audiophile and see what those guys think. honestly, i would spend more time optimizing your laptop for music playback because there are all kinds of bigger issues there that can affect sound quality.  

but hey, USB hubs are cheap so it might be worth trying out if you have one laying around.

i've had my V-Link for about a month. i originally bought it as a switching device for high-res files since my DAC's USB input won't accept >48. i didn't expect much, but I was honestly kind of blown away how much of a difference it made.

my set-up: MacBook Pro 8gig RAM -> PureMusic software (iTune) ->Transparent USB -> V-Link -> MIT Coax ->Peachtree Nova (as a stand alone DAC).



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I know this is a late post, but as of last week, I'm utilizing the v-link in my system.  I really like what it has done for my system, and it is not coming out any time soon.  It really works magic with my Rega DAC.  I tried the optical out with an Audioquest Optilink-5 cable and very much prefer the coax out with the Stereovox XV2 digital coax cable I have on-hand.

I found the optical out to slightly more "diffused" sounding.  The coax, however, is sounding fabulous.

Mac Mini -> Channel D Pure Music software -> Cardas Clear USB -> V-Link -> Stereovox XV2 digital coax cable -> Rega DAC -> Nordost Blue Heaven (Version 2, the new "non-flat" version) -> Rogue Audio Cronos Magnum integrated amp (all-tube integrated amp, 90 wpc) -> Magnepan 1.6QR.

The V-Link kicked things up couple notches.

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coming straight out of the Mac mini into the Rega?  Curious...



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