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Using HT receiver as subwoofer crossover?

My first piece of decent stereo, a Yamaha HTR-5840, no longer has any other purpose in life than to act as a subwoofer crossover.  I currently have it set to 40hz, though I adjust it if needed, with all DSP off, and have the volume set to 0db with the speaker outputs switched off.  I use my preamp as volume control, and adjust the volume of the subwoofer amplifier (a Dynaco ST416) to balance.  Is there any harm in using it this way?  

While I'm on the subject, is there a dedicated piece of crossover equipment that I could replace it with?  I hate to have a whole reciever on the rack doing nothing but splitting the bass signal...

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Electronics are electronics. Should be no harm in using

an HT receiver only as a crossover for a subwoofer. However, with that unit on there is still a lot of circuitry being energized with no purpose but to produce noise. You might be able to employ a subwoofer low pass crossover designed for use in cars. Might be the simplest solution as most of the pro audio crossovers are more complex, designed for a wider range of frequencies with both low pass and high pass filters..

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