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US or EU Manufactured Speaker Recommendations

I'm looking to purchase a system that would be for the following:

- Two Channel Setup
- Wide Range of Musical Taste
- Ideally a Company that Pays Attention to Design as well as Sound Quality (B&W, B&O, Kef)
- Must be manufactured in US, Canada, or EU
- Ideally under $5K for the pair

I've looked at the following:

- B&O Beolab 12 (is the integrated AMP an issue?)
- Bowers and Wilkins CM9 (made in China)
- PSB T5 (didnt like the design, made in China)
- ZuAudio (would prefer to have a grille, which Zu doesnt offer yet)

I really appreciate any recommendations you can offer!

Bill B
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us eu

a few names:  Vandersteen speakers, all made in California USA.  Sonus Faber, pretty sure they're made in Italy.  Triangle, I think made in France. Totem, Canada I think.  Martin-Logan, US & Canada.  Focal, in France.

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Martin Logan...

Is now making their entry level speakers in China.  Oh well.

Don't forget Thiel, still in Lexington, Ky.  USA.

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Depending on the price range you have, i would suggest the Vandersteen Treo speakers or the Vandersteen Model 2 speakers. They are designed, manufactured, and tested carefully at the factory in Hanford, California.

IMO they blow away their competition; the sound quality of my Treo speakers is to die for. Check out the article John Atkinson did on them recently. You can view it here on the website.

If $6000 is too much, then consider the model 2Ce Signature, which is around half of that price. The Treo speakers are a bargain at $6000, though, so go for it if you can!

I have had Vandersteen speakers for over 30 years; first the 2 then the 3, then the Treo. I have also had other highly rated speakers from KEF and PSB at other homes which were good speakers, but ultimately one returns to the Vandersteens for the nicest sound quality.

They also can be ordered in a choice of 7 different wood veneeers, which are displayed on their website, with either black or beige grilles.

Vandersteen is wonderful to work with if you have questions on room placement etc. and their manuals are very helpful in that regard also.

You can call the man himself (Richard Vandersteen), and he will talk to you (or he has a place on the website to post questions for him).

They also do upgrades and/or repairs as needed at their factory in California for reasonable prices.

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These are all worth a listen...

ProAc, Naim and Harbeth speakers are made in the UK.

Dynaudio are made in Denmark.

Devore Fidelity are made in Brooklyn, NY.

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As a new Focal owner I must

As a new Focal owner I must say they do work with all kinds of music. They are made in France with their own in house developed drivers. 

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Some of the Sonus Faber

Some of the Sonus Faber models are now made in China. 

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