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US-Canadian made stereo system for about $1100!!! Thanks KICKSTARTER

Hard to believe, but thanks to Kickstarter people can now buy a decent US-Canadian made stereo system. Here are the components:

1. The Orbit turntable: From Uturn audio is available in two variants Orbit Basic Turntable ($179) and the Orbit Plus Turntable ($279). US made. More information at

2. Mies i100 amplifier: Tagged as "The ultimate amplifier for Vinyl Lovers." A small, sleek and affordable amp with a high performance phono input. It also has 2x Aux inputs in addition to the phono input, power of 42w x 2 into 8 ohms and 70w into 4 ohms. Available from May 2014, but preorder can be made through Kickstarter. Canadian made. More information at

3. Urban Fidelity Speakers: At $399/pair one might think small, boxy bookshelves. I suggest visiting their official site, somethings are so beautiful, to describe them is to confine them, so just visit the site to know more. Made in LA.

What pleases me most apart from the fact where they are made is that these are not ugly black components, they come with a good choice of colors, except for the amp, which i think is silver only (much better than the mundane black though) and the Orbit Basic Turntable with a black only variant. Another goodwill and feel good feature when buying these would be that of supporting startups. Few things are in life are so symbiotic.

More suggestions/opinions, everyone's invited.

Note: No comments like "i don't care where its manufactured as long as it sounds good."

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good stuff

I was already a fan of U-Turn Audio. The Mies i100 is new to me. It seems that it may be a good buy also. Time and the reviews will tell. The Urban Fidelity speakers while seeming like a good buy are a different thing. I've heard very few single driver systems (ESL's excepted) that I could live with. This however, is only my opinion.

I've not heard the Urban Fidelity speakers thus I'm keeping an open mind mind concerning them.

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