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Upgrading Studio Monitors :) please help

Hey, I know it might not be specially what this site is about but was just looking for a bit of advice from some experts :)

I am upgrading my studio monitors (currently using Audioline ones) and am tossing up between 3 different models.

  ($750 each speaker - on sale)

The M-Audio DSM1
  ($350 each speaker - on sale)

The Genelec 8030A
  ($789 each speaker - from sweetwater)


Any recommendations?


Thanks heaps
Hutchi :)

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Upgrading Studio Monitors

Alesis, M-AUDIO, KRK Systems, JBL and Tannoy all have (inactive) close field studio monitors inside or close to your financial plan; simply know that it is about difficult to locate any advantageous dynamic studio monitors in your value run.

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