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Upgrade from B&W 685's ???

Hey everyone
I am the current owner of B&W 685 loudspeakers and I am beginning to get the upgrade bug. My system consists of a Primare I30 integrated amp as well as HSU 10" sub. Signal is from a Squeezebox being fed to a Cambridge Audio DacMagic- Cabling is Nordost Heimdall balanced IC's and PNF Speaker cable bi-wired. The S/PDIF cable from Squeezebox to DAC is a Digital Oval from Analysis plus. Power cables are Shunyata venon being fed to a Monster 200 conditioner. Components sit upon myrtle wood blocks on bookshelfs. Budget for speaker upgrade is under $1500. I like the sound of the system a lot, but know the speakers are most likely the weakest link aside from room acoustics. The room is medium size and speakers it on bookshelves on each side of fireplace, approx 8 feet apart.

What say you??

Replies and insight are much appreciated.


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I'd listen to the

Totem Acoustic Rainmaker or Epos M12i.

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I assume from your comments that keeping the speakers on the bookshelves where they are now is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. 

If this is the case, then there are two speaker systems that would be the best performers for your equipment and price range:

#1- the PSB Imagine B; these will give extremely good performance in the situation you describe (see the full review here on this website from Vol.32 #2 Stereophile. ($1099)

#2- the Dynaudio Excite X12; another excellent performer (review here on website from vol.33 #3). ($1200)

I think that these two speakers are unquestionably the two that really stand out in your price range.


IF, however, you could switch to a pair of floorstanding speakers...the PSB Image T6 speakers at $1299

will outperform both of the above speakers, and give considerably more bass, of course.

Putting speakers on a bookshelf IS A SEVERE LIMITATION!!! NO speaker performs at its best on a bookshelf, but if you are stuck with that unfortunate situation...the speakers above will be your best bet.

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Sell me your 685's!

Not sure if you decided to upgrade, but I would buy your 685's potentially.


Let me know.



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