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Union protesting violence

Wisconsin union thug threatens to break Fox news' Mike Tobins neck and punches him. I find it blatantly biased that the mainstream media elites ignore stuff like this, BUT they make-up false allegations against Tea Party members.

Question: What if this would have happened at a Tea Party rally?


Lamont Sanford
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Liberals only think they are

Liberals only think they are democratic when they march or protest. They are not the free-thinkers of the past. Today, they don't take their toys home. They stay and throw an hysterical fit. Lets not forget that we are referring to a dogma that has total support for the torturer and complete contempt for the victims. Even their representatives throw out the democratic process when it comes to a vote. They just leave and don't show up for roll call. I call that AWOL.

Unions have a history of violence. Unions support the Democratic Party.

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