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Stephen Scharf
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Uni-Protractor first impresssions

I thought JA and Mikey as well as forum members might like my impressions of the new Uni-Protractor from Germany:

After many months of waiting and some shipping snafus, I finally recevied my Uni-Protractor today. 


As has been reported, the quality of the construction are excellent, with one caveat I will touch on later. 


The materials are well-packed in plenty of foam with custom cutouts. Assembing the protractor fairly straightforward, with the instructions being reasonably good, but not superb. The vernier adjustment for each protractor template (e.g. each geometry or arm) is way cool, and allows very precise geometry adjustment per the needs of each protractor. 


I ordered one SME V protractor, and a DIN and IEC protractor for both Baerwald and Stevenson, for a total of five protractors. The protractors are made of mirror backed acrylic, with laser etched alignment lines which are made with excellent precision with respect to the parallel and perpindicular lines. The acrylic arm that sets offset comes with a pointed tip pin, or a rounded tip pin with two reticles, one black and one white, to be used depending on the color of your arm. 


Below are some pix of protractor and it's setup:

The protractor plate, arm template, and spindle plug. Each plug inserts into the arm template, but has slightly different spindle I.D. to ensure a snug fit with your spindle. This ensures precision geometry with respect to the positioning of the template. 



The vernier adjuster that optimally positions the template for a specific arm or geometry.


The assembled protractor with the spindle to pivot arm and reticle. 


Closeup of the reticle and arm:


As the SME has a peaked, triangular shaped bridge over the pivot point and makes it difficult to keep the adjustment arm perfectly centered over this pointed "roof", I removed it and decided to use the pointed alignment pin:




The screw here is directly over the pivot point of the arm.


Here is the pointed pivot pin being aligned with the pivot point; apologies for the motion blur, the shutter speed was low, but you get the idea. I had to spend a while ensuring the pointed tip was perfectly centered, which it is not in this pic:


And here is the final setup, which the arm/cart in position on the template, the magnifying glass in place to check the position of the stylus on the template:


The one caveat I have is the that templates are made from acrylic, and in the process of moving the stylus around on the template to get it to fit perfectly into the very small indentation that represents the perfect alignment and position of the stylus in the template, the diamond stylus scratches up the template a bit, which might make it hard to ensure that the desired stylus indentation stays perfectly intact, or that your stylus does not get caught in the template that might have a scracth on it. 


I will post impressions as I get some listening in on it with this setup.

Ariel Bitran
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Cool Post!

nice pics!

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Great review! Thanks for the

Great review! Thanks for the pictures. That thing mean serious business.

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