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Two Channel pre amp replacement for Proceed Avp-s suggestions?

I've decided to simplify my audio setup and at the same time, hopefully get better 2 channel sound.  Right now I have a Proceed AVP-S, Bryston 4B-ST and Snell B-Minors as my 2 channel setup and want to get rid of the Proceed and just get a simple 2 channel pre-amp.

My system is digital only so I don't need a phono and I am going to only have one source.  The Proceed actually sounds pretty good but wanted to see if I could get better sound simply because it is a little dated now.  I am getting a Musical Fidelity M1DAC to connect to a music server.

I will probably get something used from ebay or audiogon but what I've looked at so far was

Parasound JC -2 - I was not impressed

Adcom's GFP-750 - haven't heard it but is used to be good, may be dated now

Bryston BP-25

People seem to like the Vincent Linestage SA-31 but it seems really inexpensive (not a bad thing)

or I thought I would look for a Placette Audio passive line stage used and maybe get lucky although I doubt it.

I want to spend under 1000. 

Anyone else have any ideas? Or should I just keep the Proceed?



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Since you already have a Bryston amplifier, I believe the Bryston BP-25 would be a good choice. As a rule of thumb, I match the preamp with whatever amp I am using. I know some may believe it is not critical since a preamp really doesn't do that much, but in my experience, the best sounding systems always had matching amp and preamp. Plus, Bryston is a proven winner.

Hope this helps David. Good luck in your search. Keep us informed!



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My suggestion...
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I have kinda changed gears a

I have kinda changed gears a bit.

I've decided I want a tube rectified pre-amp or a pure class A solid state pre-amp.

I am currently looking at the Rogue Audio Metis Magnum, the Doge 8 or one of the the Audio-gd's.  We'll see how it all pans out.

Someone recommended to me the Nuforce DAC 9 which would be a DAC and pre all in one.  I don't really know much about it though and I'm not sure how I can listen to one.  Looks interesting though...

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