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Two amazing new products from Machina Dynamica

Machina Dynamica is pleased to announce two more amazing new products:

Flying Saucers for windows, adhesive-backed 1 in copper foils attached to windows in the listening room, one per window.  Flying Saucers will further improve the sound when attached to other windows in the house.

Our second new product is the Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device, an extensively treated audio device that can be attached to all cables, including audio cables, non audio cables such as floor lamp electrical cords, computer cables, TV cables, etc.  The Pretzel Logic device can be attached to a single cable or can be used to connect two adjacent cables or cords of any type, thus killing two birds with one stone.  The Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device is produced by Machina Dynamica with permission of PWB Electronics, UK.

Photos of Flying Saucers and the Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device can be seen on our web site.


Geoff Kait

Machina Dynamica

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It's amazing that amazing is

It's amazing that amazing is the exact same word that came into my mind when I read this.

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Geoff you must be having

Geoff you must be having bluttload of shits and giggles with this never ending put-on ala Andy Kaufman.  The real belly laughs however must come when some poor schmuck actually sends you money.  Weird, very weird..

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