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Ken in Virginia
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turntable software

I have been looking on the web quite a while for something and have been able to get a good match for my needs.  Three needs, in order of priority.  First, I want software that will allow me to transfer select vinyl LP tracks to my iPod.  Secondly, the software must be easy to install and use. Thirdly, the LPs are old of course and I would like to remove as much noise as possible. Of course, I would prefer free, but I would be OK with paying for the software but only if it meets all three requirements. I have no ambitions for being a DJ so all the functionality in dealing with mixing and whatever will be only clutter to me. Thanks for your help with this.

JoeE SP9
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How will you be getting the signal from your TT/system to your PC? If you don't have anything I recommend the Behringer UFO202 ($33 at Amazon). It's a USB connected device that's a phono preamp, analog to digital converter and digital to analog converter. It's a plug and play device that requires no software to operate and includes Audacity as part of the included free software. If you don't need the phono preamp section get the Behringer UCA202 ($28 at Amazon). It's the the same thing minus the phono preamp. 

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