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Turntable recommendation for 14-year old grandson

My grandson has decided he wants a turntable for Christmas. I've looked at the Music Hall USB-1 and the U-turn basic. What are your thoughts on either of those or other recommendations? I'd like to keep the budget close to $200 but want something that will serve him and his vinyl well for several years.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions...

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How about this crowd-funded

How about this crowd-funded all-in-one tt with bluetooth speaker?

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Re: Turntable recommendation for 14-year old grandson

I was ready to type: "get him a basic Rega!", but they're a bit out of budget you've mentioned. Have a look at Audio Technica AT-LP60BK. My brother in law is using it, so I had an opportunity to try it too and the sound is great. Also this model is automatic, so it'd be easy enough to handle - might be a good option! You can read the review here if you want.
Another option is Pro-ject elemental, they're around $229. I've been told that they're great for a novice too, but sadly I've never had a chance to test one:

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Don't Forget!

So nice to hear the young folk getting interested in vinyl and actually realizing there are differences in sound reproduction quality!

Don't forget to get the youngster started on the right foot! "Teach the children well." Get him a good quality record brush, Onzow stylus cleaner (or something similar) and teach him about proper record care (e.g. cleaning; storage; quality sleeves; etc.). These are all small investments that will pay huge dividends in the future.

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