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Turntable for my father's setup

Hello all,

My father's 55th birthday is coming up and he has an audio setup that is lacking a turntable. I would really like to surprise him with a turntable that he could play some of our records on. Oh yeah, I really need to keep my budget at or below $300.

Here is what I know of his setup:

Speakers - Klipsch RF7 (These are listed around $1,800 a piece, I believe, but I think he got them both for this price through some kind of "refurbished" thing you guys probably know more about.)

Amp/Receiver - Denon (I really don't know the model and am hesitant to ask him what it is as he may get wind of what I'm trying to buy him for his birthday. But I believe he spent less than $1,000 for it. I want to say 500-800)

I've done a little searching on this and I've come up with a few possible TTs he may like:

Pro-Ject - Debut III Turntable (Matte Black) - This seems like a really simple one that won't have anything he doesn't need. No preamp (that I know of) which shouldn't cause unnecessary loss of quality in his signal as I believe his receiver should have a preamp. But I can't know this with absolute certainty because I don't know the exact model of his receiver.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 - This TT is very popular after doing a quick search on Amazon. I'm not sure if it has the same quality as the one above but it very well may. It does have a preamp unlike the one above and looks like it has a lot more features. However, if these features are cheap, hokey, and/or unnecessary, he doesn't need them.

Pioneer PL-30-K - This one seems to have more in common with the Audio Technica. I read that Pioneer makes decent TTs and this is right at my price range.

Every one of these TTs are right at $300. If you have a TT that would work for his needs by all means mention that to me as well! If you think my price range is too low and I wouldn't be getting him something that could utilize his current setup that's something I should know,too. However I tend to think I should be able to get him a TT in this range that can at very least give him a few years of fun listening.

Thanks for any help!

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I recommend the Music Hall USB-1 turntable. It is on special at Audio Advisor for only $199 complete.

This is a nice unit that not only has its own phono preamp, but also a USB output to make it easy to transfer tunes from the turntable to your computer or smartphone music library.

I put tunes from many sources into my computer library, and then from there I put them into USB memory "sticks' which I can play in my car or thru any available device.

One 8 GB USB memory stick costs only a few dollars and can hold around 50 CDs of music (as 320K files); very handy for car or portable use.

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Turntable under $300

This might be helpful

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