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Turntable Cable with Ground for New Hi-Fi System

Hello everybody, and welcome me - this is my first post. 

I have an American Audio TTD-2500 MKII - Direct-Drive Turntable, with a Ortofon Concorde DJ S Stylus. 

I recently bought my new hi-fi system; a pair of KEF LS50's and an Arcam A-19. 

At the moment I have a simpe, basic cable like this. Can you please suggest me a cable -that includes ground as well- for my first upgrade?

Many thanks in advance, 


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Better quality cables will

Hi, Alex.

Better quality cables will not have a ground wire.

The cables from your turntable are carrying low level electrical signal determined by the output voltage of your cartridge.

Low level signals are typically more susceptible to interference generated from adjacent electronic equipment & cables.

Look for cables that have good shielding characteristics.

I recommend you get a set of good quality shielded RCA cables from someplace like Blue Jeans Cable

You don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get decent cables.

As for the ground wire, any small gauge wire from your local hardware will work fine, or just peel off the ground wire from the bundle you already have.




Edit: Here is an upgrade you may be interested in:  LINK

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I suggest the Audioquest Evergreen cables.

It is best to keep the cables from the turntable to phono preamp under 3 feet if possible. Longer cables have too much capacitance and can affect the sound of the cartridge.

Just use a piece of ordinary 16 or 18 gauge stranded wire for the ground wire.

It is usually helpful to crimp or solder a spade lug on each end, which can be screwed down readily.

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