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Tube Power Supply for Amplifier

Hey guys My teacher give me a topic to design a tube power supply and write a paper about it for my project.

I have read several reviews of tube amplifier here and few of them still use tube rectifier in power supply design.

Any idea what (technically) reasons they keep use tube rectifier, considering disadvantage of high internal resistance and drop voltage?

Also if there any articles about comparison of tube rectifier and solid state diode, it would be really helpful.

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I have been involved with electronics for 50 years, and of course all power supplies used tube rectifiers when I was young.

I personally think using vacuum-tube rectifiers is stupid.

As you point out, there are several disadvantages, including limited tube life, and they are expensive now also.

A silicon diode bridge rectifier makes a lot more sense from every standpoint.

You should be able to find schematics for tube power supplies if you can look in some archives for some old equipment.

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