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Tube amp and DAC's

Hello Audiophiles,

I would like to order several products but I need

first some information regarding the set up,

PSB Image B5,
Subwoofer Monitor Audio RX-W12 Silver.

I own YAQIN MS 34D tube amplifier with 4 AUX inputs and

double impedance (4 and 8 ohms) speakers


Now, how do I connect sub with speakers

together, since the amp does not have dedicated

sub out? I think I would to have a little Y


How do I set-up the sub, crossover, phase, low pass filter ?

Step 2.

Cassette, DVD player and turntable will be

Connected to Yaqin but I would like to use also

a DAC, to increase the quality of sound of those

3 components. Which DAC do you recommend?

And how do I connect it to the system?

I suppose all components should be first

connected to the DAC and then the DAC to one

of 4 aux inputs. Which DAC can accommodate

3-4 RCA inputs?

Thank you in advance


Bill B
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1.  Yes, splitters would work for feeding the sub and your speakers. 

For sub setup, carefully follow the instructions/manual that come w the subwoofer. 

2.  NO DAC can or should be used with the cassette or turntable, their outputs are already analog. 


However, the TT will need a phono preamp if the yaqin does not have a phono input. 


Whats your budget for a DAC?

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You have no need for a DAC, because your signal sources already have analog outputs.

Just connect the turntable (through a phono preamp) and disc player direct to the amplifier.

You will need a phono preamp to connect between the turntable and amplifier; I recommend the Musical Fidelity V-LPS; it is excellent and only $200.. The output of a  turntable CAN NOT be fed directly to an amplifier, because the music recording on all LP records is compressed in the bass and boosted in the treble and must go through a RIAA equalization circuit (included in the phono preamp) to restore it to a listenable state.A phono preamp IS ESSENTIAL!

The subwoofer RCA input connectors should be connected directly to the speaker terminals of the amplifier, along with the main wires to the speakers.. This can be done with cables that have RCA connectors on the subwoofer end and barewires or banana plugs for the amplifier end. This is the BEST connection method for your amplifier. This ensures that the EXACT same signal goes to both the main speakers and subwoofer!!

Your speakers go down to around 50-60 Hz, so that is where you should set the filter on the subwoofer; around 50 or 60 hz. Play various music with clearly audible bass notes and fine tune the exact setting for the clearest system bass.

Start with the subwoofer volume control turned all the way down and bring it up very slowly until you get the correct operating level.

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