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Try to decide which speaker

I am trying to decide between the following three speakers. Here are the speakers:

a) Samsung - 7.1 3D Home Theater System Model - HT-E6730W

b) Klipsch SB3 Soundbar

c) Bose CineMate GS Series II

d) Sonos Playbar


Here's my room set up:

It's a single bed room apartment. The living room is 10' wide and 12 ' long. From the TV to the couch, it's about 9-10'. There are no side tables behind the couch or at the ends of the couch, so having rear speakers is a bit tricky. I have a standard Samsung 46'' LED TV and an Apple TV. I don't have a BluRay player (I will probably end up getting a PS4 or XBox One when they are released). 


What I think so far:

a) Samsung 7.1 is extremely tempting but I have no idea how they sound like in comparison to the others. Plus, due to the set up of my room, having those rear speakers is tricky. But if that's the best one among the 4, then I need to know.

b) I am mostly leaning towards Klipsch SB3. All the reviews I read, all the websites I visited seem to suggest that this is a solid sound system. But how does it compare and rank against the other three?

c) Bose - I picked it up mainly because of its brand name. But I know that they are overpriced and audiophiles are not a big fan of Bose. Unless someone convinces me that Bose is better than the other three, I am not really going for this one.

d) Sonos Playbar - Well, the playbar paired up with the Sonos subwoofer would be my ideal dream situation, considering the ease of using those with my iPhone and such. I have a Play 5 and I totally love that one as well. But the Playbar itself is $699 and the subwoofer is another $700 bucks. So, I am really not inclined to purchase this.


So, if you were in my shoes, which one would you go for and why



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This is typically not a home theater forum...

...and while there are certainly participants here who can provide you great advice, perhaps taking your question to a forum which concentrates on home theater would be more productive for you.

Welcome to the Stereophile forum!

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U back?

Welcome back to the forums jackfish.  They're not very active, so it's good you're around again 

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In your shoes

Were I in your shoes I wouldn't buy any speaker I hadn't heard and liked. Although I recommend auditioning anything you buy first, electronics can IMO safely be bought on recommendations. All speakers sound so different from each other that buying a speaker you haven't heard and liked is IMO akin to letting someone else choose your mail order bride. The chances of getting something you'll be satisfied with are slim to none.

Make the effort to get out and audition some real speakers. This admonition doesn't apply to either the Bose Cine Mate (absolute crap) or any sound bar (not IMO worth the effort).

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What is your priority?  Music

What is your priority?  Music or movies?   

It is hard enough getting two loudspeakers right let alone a half dozen on a limited budget. 

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