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True or False: ther are no high-quality CD "carousels" made anymore

Short version of ridiculous story:

There are these "sound system specialists" trying to tell me that I have to upload all my CD's onto a hard drive.  They say that CD changers aren't made anymore.  WTF?!?

Here's me: What is easier than putting a bunch of CD's in a player that is set to shuffle and pushing the [play] button?  I don't want to have to look for my music on my computer (they tellme this Sonos crap doesn't even have a remote -- again: WTF?!?).  I know where my CD's are on the shelf, thanks.

Now, I'm not some anciient specimen.  Barack Obama is older than I am.  But I'm not in any way a sterophile.  Except for now, when I find myself coming to the defense of stereo that has broken (allegedly) against a digital music system, 99% of which will never be used.  (Pandora-schmandora.)

In short, I have no digital music.  I don't stream any audio.  I just want a multi-disc CD player (like the one I had).  I'm pretty sure the extortionist "sound system specialists" are telling me that there is no longer such a component is because there is no way for them to hook it up to their wireless speakers. 

Please, wiil someone please point me toward a high-end multi-CD player?  Money is not really an object (within reason).  I just don't want to have to use a smart phone to play a CD, and these "sound system nazis" (<---yes, I went there) are telling me this thing they are trying to $ell me doesn't even have a remote control!


Bill B
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you want what you want.  That's fine.  There are multi-CD players still made and sold.  "high-end" versions, maybe not.  There are multi-changers with a digital output so you can hook them to a separate and high-end DAC, if you want.

JoeE SP9
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True or false?

Who says they ever made a "high quality" carousel? IMO they never did.

In any case how's this?

Sony CDPCX455 400 Disc MegaStorage CD Changer $369@Amazon


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CD Changer

For excellent sound in a large-capacity jukebox CD player, there is only ONE that was EVER made IMO. It is still available, but might not be available for much longer. All the others had very mediocre sound quality IMO.

That is the Sony DVP-CX777ES player, which you can buy for $1999 from Amazon. It is a 400-disc player. It also plays SACD and DVD.

If that's what you really want, I would get one ASAP while they are still available. Sony shows it as "no longer available", but Amazon still has ONE new one and some used ones (for under $500).

The Yamaha CDC-600 5-disc changer is probably the best-sounding 5-disc player you can buy at this time. It sells for around $300 or so.

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Gracias for the info, folks.  :-)

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