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total newbie vinyl to computer/digital

Hi !


I am totally unfamiliar with the process of converting vinyl to digital. I have a collection of 56 albums (33rpm) and 20 45's rpm that I want to convert using my iMac (10.5.8) so I have been surfing the web for information. Goal in converting is to have LP's available to record to cd's and also iPod using iTunes. Also I expect to be editing the music file itself once it is record to the Mac. I am, at this point, assuming my iMac can produce a reasonably good sound providing I do a good job editing and equalizing.


My obvious fantasy of doing this was plugging in the turntable, recording to the Mac, putting on my head set, and editing pops and hisses from the sound file. Now in exploring for information, the task, which I knew would take time, has now appeared to grow to the proption of overwhelming.  (Should I quit before I even start?)


I have learned NOT to use the USB connector on the turntable as noise will be prevelant. I have learned I need a phono amplifier between the turntable and the Mac . So I started looking for a reasonably priced phono amplifier, and I find iMic (cheaper than I anticipated) but have read here of ticks or pops that the ampliefier may be producing.  
I also have looked at some software for the recording to Mac and editing purposes and producing in stereo and I stumble into a review for Pure Vinyl LP editing and recording software that when the article got to setting up preferences my head spun with "huh? overload".  I was clueless as to what the setting were even about. 


So admitting my ignorance I have come here. I hope I will find sound (pun intended) advice from the more experienced, as to what preamps I might consider, what software can offer good recording and editing abilities ,what other things I might consider and maybe even find out what I  might expect from my Mac itself.

Since this is a onetime project, meaning once converted, I will be done, I want high quality reproduction for minimal cost (don't we all? wink) . The time and attention for editing will be done even if I stumble through it at first...Until it sounds as near to "perfect" as possible I will stick with the file. (It's the same philosophy I apply to the photo restoration I do.)


Thank you! Your time simply to read the above and then to responsed to the above, is most appreciated!

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I cannot help much with the Mac side of things, but I can tell you how I rip vinyl. I have a normal Rega P24 turntable with a normal Grado cartridge with a normal Bellari phono pre-amp. I run the signal from the pre-amp to my MAudio 2496 Audiophile sound card. I use NCH Wavepad software to record the incoming signal to a 24 bit 96kHz wave file. I then edit out any of the bad pops and raise the level a bit and save the file as a Flac file. Sometimes it is 24 bit 96Khz, sometimes I cut it down to a cd quality flac file. It all depends on how nice the record sounds!

I recently ripped Get Happy!, a 45 rpm pressing of Elvis Costello's recording, and that stayed high res as it sounded so great! I downconverted A Wizard A True Star because although I love the music, the vinyl is compressed away so cd quality is just fine. I then convert those files to mp3s for my iPod using dBpower amp.

They sound fantastic! And they are so easy/safe for the wife and kids to play.

The problem is there are so many roads to vinyl ripping Mecca. But that is how I do it, and it makes me and my family happy.

Others will share their approach. Best wishes to you as you look for your own and stick around!



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