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time to update system

Am looking to update my current system. Bought my last one around 1994 I think.

Kenwood Receiver KRV5570
Kenwood CD Player
klipsch KG 3.5 speakers I bought new still in great condition
Dual turntable that is bought in the dark ages of the 1980's
Even have my old Marantz 2216B from i don't know when Use in my workshop.

Been reading trying to update my brain to the current century of audio

What i would like to do if possible

Stream Sirius XM Right now just stream on alexa....would really like to have go through the system if possible. Not a deal breaker

Update the Receiver. New receiver or Amp/PreAmp?
Add a new turntable
will keep CD player....don't use that much.
Keep the Klipsch speakers unless wife overrules. Would prefer to stay with Klipsch in smaller speaker.
Will be in a small room approx 12x20

Budget $1000 if possible, might be able to stretch some. Am retired

My be able to enjoy my old vinyl along with old bourbon.


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