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Thoughts on DVD Mega Changers?

Greetings, Stereophiles--

I hope I'm not spamming you folks with a common topic, but I did some searches and was coming up with some pretty sparse data.  What do people us to organize their DVDs (or CDs, Blu-rays, etc.) nowadays?  Maybe I'm looking up the wrong thing.

I'm running a middling system right now--emotive 600 watt amps, B&W Matrix 801s Series 3 speakers (old but lovely sound), Oppo digital multi-format single disc player, that kind of thing.  Although I love my Oppo, I have a lot of DVDs.  I'd considered one of the 400 disc Sony players (it seems they kind of have a lock on that market, though I've been less than impressed with Sony over the last few years).

Am I looking for the wrong keywords?  What are people using nowadays to keep hundreds of DVDs (ideally DVDs, blu-ray, and CDs) organized?  Are there good mega-changers, or are there better options out there?

I'd appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you folks might have.

Thank you,


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The mechanism in a changer is usually cheap and basic; not nearly as good as what you have in your OPPO.

To organise what you have I suggest the Movie Collector software from Just get a bookshelf unit with 6 or 7 shelves 3 feet wide to store them on in order and keep a printout from the software handy.

I use their Music Collector software and it is inexpensive and very good.

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Appreciate the input,

Appreciate the input, Commsysman--I think space was really my overriding factor.  I probably have 1k+ dvds, and limited space anywhere near my system.  However, if the changers are pretty much universally poor quality (which I'm understanding from your post), I'm a lot less inclined to dig much further.

Thank ya, sir!

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DVD Changers

I've no real problem with DVD changers, per say.  Often, DVD players have better clocks and dacs than CD players, although this is not the case with your Oppo.  I understand where you're coming from so I'd go ahead with the change and maybe upgrade to a better outboard DAC.  In the mean while maybe bluetac a slab of granite or dense wood to the shelf before you plop down your new DVD player on top of it.  The biggest separator of a good transport and a crappy one are resonance and the dac.  Take care of resonance and later get a better dac.

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