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Thiel CS3.7 sibilance


Hi I got a new pair of Thiel CS 3.7 they have been burning in for 100+ hours by now. I use them with an integrated solid state amp (class AB with 200W in 8 ohms and high current) and also an upsampling DAC (discrete class A amp).


The problem is that now I have lots of sibilance, S's are sharp and loud all over. I tried 4 different XLR interconnects, changed power cables, AC conditioning, less toe in, grill on, fuses... They all change the sound balance, character and soundstage more or less, but the S's are still there no matter what.


My old bookshelfs have pure ribbon tweeters and sounded great in the same room, so I don't think the room would be influencing now. I also don't think burning in 300, 500 or 1000 hours will change this signature (I will find out).


Do other Thiel owners suffered with this problem? Any solutions found?



tom collins
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break in

from what i have read and heard with these speakers, you might want to revise your break in to around 400 hours.  still, to my ears, every thiel i have heard has sounded overemphasised in the upper ranges.

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Consider broadband absorption panels for the

first reflection points at the sidewalls and ceiling.

JoeE SP9
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Try a tube amplifier!

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