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Thanks Larry Greenhill

After nearly two years of researching and auditioning amps, we finally purchased a Mark Levinson #532H ( traded up from a #431 ). It was a laborious procedure finding just the right sounding cridder and keeping the already grand synergy, but the results and sonic improvements were well worth the effort and expense.

I would like to thank Larry for his excellent review in the Aug 2011 issue. I can now say his comments and remarks regarding the amps sonic attributes were right on. The review also helped to clarify many things and made this decision a little easier.  

I would also like to thank Robert at the Audio Ark in Edmonton for delivering and setting up this fine instrument.

                                                                                       Regards  Tim

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I'm jealous.

Congratulations on obtaining a very nice amplifier. It was nice of Larry Greenhill and Stereophile to help you with the decision on this purchase.

Now if he could favorably review a Cary SA 200.2 power amp, it will help with my decision, when I'm ready to upgrade next January.

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