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Thanks Art...

... for leading your Listening column with the excellent overview of the Arkell Museum. I find music and art inspire the same immdeiate/visceral reactions (sweeping emotions, love it or hate it, etc.), and are more intertwined than many of us imagine.

The same applies elsewhere in life. I worked as a freelance illustrator for ad agencies, before taking a 180 degree turn into the computer software field, and found it to be equally creative and illuminating.

Keep up the great work.

Art Dudley
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Re: Thanks Art...

Thanks very much for the kind words; I'm glad you read and enjoyed the column.

The Arkell is a gem in an unlikely setting: Canajoharie, NY was once home to a thriving Beech-Nut plant, but the plant is being shut down, and the town is really suffering. I hope more people will visit the Arkell soon, before they up and close (or move).

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Re: Thanks Art...


Excellent work.

(And it's great to see a bunny.)

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