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talking book record player

I recently bought a record player from the mid-sixties on craigslist, but I'm finding that it plays my records a little slow at times. I found a video of the machine here:

I don't know much about record players, but I'm interested in repairing it. To describe the problem-- the records I play sound a little distorted, consistently sounding too slow. I've noticed that the tray on my player doesn't have the felt pad you see in the video, could this simply be that there isn't enough friction between the tray and the record to spin the record completely? Any help would be appreciated.


Bill B
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It's plausible that the record is slipping due to insufficient friction between it and the platter.  Especially given the heavy, crude tonearm.

Just wondering - if you don't know much about record players, but are interested in repairing them - I don't get it.  You just want to learn about these players?  They were not made for music reproduction, they were not meant for that.

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I would strongly advise you to quit playing your records on that turntable; you are almost certainly doing

permanent damage to them every time you play them.

Used turntables are not a good idea, because they usually come with problems; expecially cheap ones.

It is foolish to save some money on the turntable and destroy all of your records.

A turntable that old is almost certain to have wornout bearings.

You can get an Audio-Technica LP60 from Needle Doctor for $149.


BTW- that link you posted is infected with a virus according to my anti-virus software; you should remove it.

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