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System for very small rooms (Sprout/Magnepan/REL?)


I'm looking for a good system in the sub $2000 range. Here are the general requirements:
- the room the system will be setup in is really small (11 feet x 9 feet)
- I don't care about volume, but about accuracy (neither do I particularly care about bass, unless it's to accentuate the music)
- the primary focus will be music - including both rock and the occasional opera

Here's the system I'm contemplating, and I would really love to hear from anybody who has experience with either an individual component or, even better, with a combination of these:

Amp: PSAudio Sprout 100
Speakers: Magnepan MC1 (again, the room is tiny, so wall-mounting speakers would be great)
Sub: REL T-Zero (as the MC1s probably need some boost for the lower frequencies)

I've heard Magnepans before, and I absolutely love the immersion they provide. However, I have not heard the MC1s, nor the T-Zero - though I have heard the previous Sprout version on audioengine speakers. That was great, but too bass heavy for me (from what I've read, the Sprout 100 allows to disable the bass boost).

So - I'd really welcome any thoughts!


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