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System Advise

Hi there,
Originally I posted my question on the Entry Level but was advised to move it elsewhere as it was the wrong forum. So here I am re-posting my question again.

I am looking for advise on putting a system together. I am hoping to put a reasonable system together for $10K or under if possible. Can anyone help comment on the system I have listed below,
1. CD Player: OPPO BDP-83SE
2. Integrated Amplifier: Audio Research VSi60
3. Floor Standing Speakers: PSB Synchrony One

I mainly listened to vocals on my system. My current system which I inherit from my family are:
1. CD Player: Rega Planet
2. Integrated Amplifier: GRAAF GM50
3. Stand Speakers: Sonus Faber Concertino

Can anyone also comment on how the new system I am looking at will possibly sound as compared to my existing system?

Thanks in advance....

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Audiorookies new system

Hello audiorookie
Sounds like you are assembling a nice little system . Should give you an improvement in sound quality in every area . One thing you may want to consider is the output power of the VSi60 , you have likely read Bob Reina's review in the Sept 2010 issue and noticed the output at 8ohm is 53 watts and only 44watts at 4ohm , that might be a little light for the Synchrony's if you listen at higher levels or in a large room . If not every thing should work well together . Don't forget to save some green for cords and cables to fine tune your music maker . It's hard to comment on the difference in sound from your current system , but increased detail and bass output should be a given .
Have fun and let us no how it works out . Tim

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