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John Atkinson
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Supra Cables' Tommy Jenving RIP

Sad news.

More detail from Tommy's wife, via Ben Duncan:

"It's more than one month Tommy was hospitalized due to his lung problem, he couldn't breathe well. And due to his anxiousness he couldn't sleep well in night time. Doctors used to give tablets to calm him but it seemed not much improvement, they tried injection of small dosages of morphine for first time, but he just slept away...

"At 4:10 AM they found him not breathing, it was about one hour after they injected the third dosage of 0.5ml morphine 3:20 AM. They don't know exactly when and why he slept away...It's too late everything when we got their notification and rushed to hospital...It just happened too fast, too fast..."

John Atkinson
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