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Sweet Stephen, really sweet. Simple, elegant, purposeful and with a sense of system balance that is almost zen-like in its perfection. The nearfield positioning avoids a lot of room problems too.

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Thanks so much, Struts. I appreciate that.
I obviously need another LP shelf. I'm thinking I'll put it horizontally along the back wall, and maybe move the Polycrystal rack to the side wall, where the CD towers are now.

Extra credit to anyone who can name the two visible albums. Extra-special credit to anyone who can name the 13th album in. (Just kidding.)

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You poor, poor New Yorker! Wow, I thought the rumors about closets being apartments were false! Zen-like in perfection? That's just a bit too much... Your Feng seems to be a bit Shui'd up. All it would take for me would to trip up a Furutech speaker cable and end up face first into my beautiful Rega turntable would be one false step.

No offense, but I think one would be happy if you shifted your system to the long way with the taller bookcases. This way you can 'interact' with the light more, and have more room to move around in. Your other long wall would be great for the couch, and both the stereo wall and the window wall would now have an attraction intrisically. Just a thought!

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Glotz: Thanks for the 6!

I live in Jersey City and I love it, so please don't feel bad for me.

I had a little listening party one night, during which the guests (who will remain nameless) decided to move every piece of furniture and gear in my room, in an attempt to find the best possible listening situation. After hours of that, the system wound up where it was originally (and currently). You can trust that if there existed a better solution, I would take advantage of it. The way the system is set up now is not only the best way, but the only way. Baseboard heating along the left wall prevents me from placing any furniture there; there's an aggressive dip in the center of the floor that would throw things off-balance; and the only AC in the room comes from the back wall, beneath the windows. Keep in mind that this is also my living room, and I want it to be a comfortable place, both for me and my friends.

I think I've achieved that. I like it.

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awsome simple systum i bet it sounds good

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