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Ok , first off I am new here and I am looking for some thoughts on a new 2 channel system for vinyl. Here is my short list thus far.
Amplification, Music Hall 15.2 or Marantz PM5004, might be able to swing a Rega Brio and I am shure there are many more choices. You can see my budget target from these choices.
Turntable, Rega RP1, pro-ject debut,or MH 2.2. The Rega is looking very strong here.
Speaker, I think I dead set on this one, Zu Omen's

My room is approx. 12x14 and it is an apartment so my neighbors also have their own concerns.

Looking to add digital source's over time.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Welcome! Your choices look

Welcome! Your choices look like a good start. I have heard the Zu Omen and it sounds pretty good, but tend to appreciate a planar/quasi-ribbon a bit more. If you like 'em then that's where you should start.

The Emotiva ERC-1 plays way over its price of $450.

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