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Subsonic Filter for Digital Chain?

Can anyone recommend a filter of sorts; hardware or software, but preferably hardware that removes what I've been guided to term as Subsonic signals that are sometimes transferred from vinyl recordings over into the FLAC digital domain? To describe in more detail what I am referring to, when playing back SOME vinyl sourced FLAC recordings, I can visibly see the woofer cones on my speakers moving no exaggeration about 1/2" or greater back and forth at inaudibly low frequency...

I have no issue getting rid of this in my analog chain...the Phono Stage handles it.

But what of the digital "needle drops" out there done by ourselves and other amateur recorders?

Is the only solution to redo the drop with the appropriate filter in place at the analog side, or can I "fix it" after it's in the digital domain?



ps. Did not want to post to Computer section in fear of a software - only method. Though I welcome all feedback.

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