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Studio Six Digital app and the iPod Touch - Best Microphone??

 While not exactly an audio luddite I really have not embraced any Apple technology (mostly because I work almost exclusively with vintage stereo).

 However, a recent review of the Studio Six application for doing some in-room testing piqued my interest and I saw a use for that in my particular field of endeavour (and, of course, that interest not the least bit enhanced by reading Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound'!!).

 So my partner, she being the modern electronics person around here, had just purchased an iPad and bequeathed her 32G 2gen Touch to me.

 I promptly cleaned her Touch of most of her extraneous applications and music and such and downloaded the basic Audio app from Studio Six. But now I need a microphone.

 Of course there's plenty of info but no particular definitive info that tells me which microphone would be among the better units to use to "shoot the room" (so to speak).

 Can I throw my problem out to this august community for some advice?


Muchly appreciated!


 jac - desperaudio @ large!

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