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Streaming to an Naim Nait2 analog amp

I have a decades-old system that's still serving me well: Naim Nait2 integrated amplifier, Rotel RT-830A tuner and a pair of Spendor LS3/5A speakers.

For convenience sake, I admit that I do most of my listening via streaming -- my own CDs through iTunes and a lot of online radio (I use Airfoil for non-iTunes sources). I use Airport Express units to stream the music from my MacBook Pro to three rooms in the house, including to the Naim setup in the living room.

Recently, one of the Airport Express units died. Instead of just replacing it (which would cost about $100US), I wonder if I could spend a bit more to stream in better sound quality to the Nait2 setup?

Perhaps using an Apple TV2 unit and an inexpensive DAC? I've seen DACs advertised for as little as $25, but are those useless? The far more sophisticated DACmagic would cost about $400, and for that I could get a digital receiver with Airplay built in.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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