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Stereophile Writing Also Downgrade

Mirroring the political situation in the USA, too many article authors are dumbing down the good English once used.  I thoroughly enjoy the irreverance, politics, humor (especially), and entertaining way most Stereophile contributors color, otherwise, dry statistics.  Please retake the high road and quit the cute stuff like: "My bad" and other fad phrases.

"At this point in time" & "value for the money" are now frequent excesses used by several Stereophile writers.  What is value if not monetary?  Drop either time or point to more correctly state the same thing.

Picky, picky, picky?  Sorry, my bad.

Lamont Sanford
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"price point" is especially

"price point" is especially irritating.  Do they use that?..... :)

Ariel Bitran
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Thank you for your post.

Our bad.

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