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Stephen's February Column

Great piece on the magic of hi-fi and musical satisfaction on a budget. There's something deeply satisfying about finding inexpensive equipment that moves the music and inspires such fine writing.

Been a fan of Wharfedale's for 20 years, from their thrifty little Diamond 7.2's to their big Pacific Evo 400's and Opus line(still thrifty, too). Another bonus: they seem to tame a lot of the harsh artifacts of many digital sources and provide dynamics way outside their footprint.

Good job again, Stephen.

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The column made me want those

The column made me want those speakers. Maybe a present for my son and his family. Congratulations on a well written column!

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departure from the typical review but woofer size would have been helpful.


Stephen Mejias
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Thank you, everyone. RG:
Thank you, everyone.

RG: the Wharfedales use a 1" tweeter and 5" mid-woofer. I should have mentioned that in the column. I go deeper into their sound in our April issue, and Bob Reina now has the speakers for a complete equipment report in a future issue.

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