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Starter System Power Amp

So I avoided putting together a system for a while because really still do not understand that much about them nor can I afford a new high end system. But since my roommate moved out with his system I have not been able to live without good sounding music. I was able to pull some equipment together from friends and got a free preamp from my cousin who. But was wondering what would be a good power amp to match with this equipment?

Equipment so far

B&K 685 speakers
Mac 1700 receiver
Project Expression Turntable
Apt Holman Preamp

JoeE SP9
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Power Amp?

Have you tried using the Mac as a receiver? At 40WPC it should make some sort of noise through your speakers. You don't need the Apt Holman preamp if you use the Mac.

If you want to use the Apt you could look around for an Adcom GFA-545 (100WPC). There are plenty of them around at very reasonable prices.

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