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Standing speakers (limited choice)

Hey guys! im new in this field and have a limited knowledge and choice as im living in the area where i have few brands to choose from. The speakers im getting in my range are...

(KEF c7)                   (Polk audio Rti 400)                          (yamaha ns-777)

AV receiver yamaha v.671. what else do i need? I would use it for (70/30  Music/Movies). The room that im going to install it in has the measurements of about 30'x24' feet. which is the open floor with windows on all three sides. im worried about the extra vibration that will be produced by the speakers plus the woofer. Which may ruin my situation.

Note: Can i mix and match from here and there> example: Center and rare speakers of polk audio and standing speakers of yamaha ns777?

Other notable brands available are: onkyo, denon, Bose (over priced)

Kal Rubinson
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Do not mix center andL/R.

Do not mix center andL/R.  You can get away with mixing the rear speakers if they are not too different (but how can you know?).  I would stick with all KEFs or all Polks.

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System Choices

I think that the KEF speakers are a very good choice.

The C7 will be a good match for the Q200c center speaker and the C1 rear speakers.

There are several good receivers available, but I would advise you to NOT get Yamaha or Sony, due to poor sound quality.

The ones I would suggest are the Cambridge 551R or 651R, the Denon 3312, the NAD T757, and the Marantz SR6008. You have a large room, so don't get an inadequate receiver.

Since you are going to do mostly music listening, the Cambridge would definitely be the best if you can find a dealer for it.

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