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Spectral Audio and Jeff Rowland Design Group

I've been interested in audio since the mid-80's.  There are two electronics brands from those early days that I've heard about but never actually heard: Spectral Audio and Jeff Rowland.

I didn't see either at T.H.E. Show Newport.  I've never seen either at a store.  There's an occassional JRD review; I've never seen a Spectral Audio review.  Neither company's products have been on the Recommended Components list for at least the last two years.

So what does a Spectral amp sound like?  How much do they cost?  Why do they play so hard to get?  Do they play well with other equipment or do you need an all-Spectral system?

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Bill B
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I read somewhere (years ago) that they don't loan out anything for review. And just work with their dealers for sales and promotion. 

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Spectral Audio and Jeff Rowland Design Group

I first heard Spectral driving Dave Wilson's biggies in a Hong Kong ballroom. "What have I been missing!?" Eric Clapton Unplugged: 'He's over there, I can point to him, and just a bit back.'
You ask and Spectral owners, they will say 'wide, wide, sound stage -- even beyond the speaker edges if you can believe that; and you will if you close your eyes and point to the outer edge.

So that -- AND fast. Fast? Yes, when they say that the soul of the music is in the midband, well that's only half. The real tonality depends on the initial attack of a note. No, really. Maybe that's why we prefer MC cartridges, faster rise time. Whatever, after living with a Spectral then hearing another amp, a difference you WILL notice is 'speed.' And miss it. Naim are big on this too. Maybe that is what PRaT is about.

Why do you not see much Spectral gear for sale? Same as why not many Quad ELS -- keepers.

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