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Speakers Pairing with Cambridge 640A V2 Integrated.

Hi Everyone. I have this Cambridge 640A V2 for a while now but I think I never had a decent pair of speakers to match its power. Currently I'm running a pair of Klipsch RP150M which I feel its to bright. I always heard Monitor Audio speakers are a great pairing with Cambridge. As the black friday is coming i thought of getting myself a new pair of speakers.
I listen mainly to vinyl records thru a REGA RP1 turntable.

Should I keep this integrated or it is time enough for me to upgrade it as well?

thanks for you inputs

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Klipsch will be very bright with a solid state amp. Monitor Audio makes a wonderful, extremely neutral speaker. So does PSB. Both are relatively easy to drive and sound great regardless of price point in there line. Rega also makes a good speaker for the money.

Hunt for deals and get the best speaker you can from one of those theee companies and I suspect you will be happy.

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