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Speakers for other types of Music.

I am interested in setting up a new 2.1 system. I have read a variety of reviews but I decided it was time to go down to a local store and hear some speakers in person.

I got to hear the B&W 685s and I thought there is a pretty good speaker. IMO it does a good job with the Jazz and Classical. The sales rep did show me that they don't do that great with other types of music.

I then heard some Klipsch and some Paradigm floor standing  speakers that sounded better with rock/dance type music. It now seems there is no "master of all", well not in my price bracket.

I think I'll buy the B&Ws and then look for a second set for "other" music.

My question is this what speaker would you recommend I purchase for when I want to listen to Rock, Electronic Dance music and "other" (non jazz, non classical) music?

I already have a 12" sub to assist in the lower range but I still figure floor standing speakers might be my solution.

I'm looking at something in the 600-1400 dollar range.

Bill B
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Don't give up too fast.  Unless you really want two sets of speakers or two stereos.  A good speaker will sound good with all music.  Keep looking/listening.

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In that price range you will have a hard time beating the PSB Image T6 tower speakers, which are $1300 per pair.

I had them for two years before upgrading to some MUCH more expensive speakers, and they are excellent for their price.

My listening includes classical, jazz, bluegrass, pop and rock, and other miscellaneous music, and they will do ANY music a lot better than the B & W 685 speakers IMO.

They have very good bass, and a nice clean sound from top to bottom; easy to listen to with very good detail for classical listening. They are also very efficient and do not require a lot of power to drive them.

For super-low bass (below 40 Hz), a subwoofer is good, but for most listening they have very good bass on their own.

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  I wouldn't rule out  Polk's tower speakers. i have monitor 75t's and these sound amazing for what I paid for them around $230 a piece . A good place to search for speakers is newegg . 

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What about Maggies?

I have been wondering along the same lines with soundisgood, and I have read really good things about Magnepans. I have only heard them with a limited range of music and equipment - most of which had little to do with my tastes.

How do Maggies do with music busy in the midrange (distorted electric guitar) and perhaps more compression than is necessarily prudent?

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I am in same boat, have 2 channel system one is ss/tube amp.First system will consist of Parasound P5 pre amp/A21 power amp

Denon DVD 3910 SACD player will be for classic rock.   Audio Space KT88 integrated Amp 3.1 / Well Tempered Labs Amadeus T/T

Shangling CDT2000 Tube CD Player will be for classical /jazz etc

  H/T consists of Denon 4520C1 150 watts/9.2 channel/Denon 4306/Klipsch RF 7 fronts/RF82 Backs/ RS35 Sides/RWD10 Sub

using Denon DVD 3910 in HT as we speak, question is what speaker confiquiration for solid state... same question for integrated tube


 Have Madison Audio Labs E3 Extreme 1 interconnects/ speaker cables....

Price for 2 sets of speakers $10-$15,000

 Was researching Cappricicco Continuo 309s MSRP $7900.00

                            Golden Ear Triton Two

                           Monitor Audio GSX Series

  Any advice will be appreciated

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