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Speakers with modest footprint and beautiful mid-range under $10,000.00
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Check out Focal. Natural fit with Naim as they are sister companies and sound superb together. Check out the Sopra No 1s. Very natural sound when paired with the right hardware and you have the right hardware. For a floor stander, the Kanta No 2 is amazing. I really like both of these for the money assuming you are good with the somewhat different aesthetic.

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Charles Fisch wrote:

Looking for speakers with modest footprint and beautiful mid-range costing about $10,000.00. Room placement easily allow 6+ feet apart and 3+ feet from rear wall, each sidewall 10+ feet from likely speaker placement. Mid-range more important than imaging or base, though I will listen to large orchestral performances.

Equipment includes Naim's NAP300DR, NAC552DR and CDS3/555DR.

Speakers I've thought of include: Avalon Acoustics Idea, almost no reviews anywhere? Harbeth 30.2, Harbeth Super HL5-Plus, though HL5's seem to have fussy placement, B&W 805 D3, though I'm shy about even hint of stridency, B&W 803 D3, not sure about placement and neighbors driving me out of town.

All suggestions are welcome and will be considered.

I had a similar situation, where I needed to place the speakers to either side of my 60-inch TV and base unit with equipment. Wall space limited me to around 10 inches width on each speaker.

After looking at many many speakers, I found that the Vandersteen Treos were perfect for their size, appearance, and exceptionally beautiful sound quality. They can reproduce ANY music at pretty much any sound level with no sign of strain.

The Vandersteen speakers are regularly voted as having the best sound at many audio shows; the expert reviewers are impressed; over and over. John Atkinson reviewed them in Stereophile a couple of years ago; you should read that review.

They go for around $7500 per pair. One nice thing is that they can be ordered in many different lovely wood finishes and grille cloth colors.

I have had mine for over 2 years now, and I am still awed by the beauty of their sound; they are IMO the best you can get at almost any price.

Check the Vandersteen website for details and dealer locations.

They are also 100% made in Hanford, California, if you prefer USA products.

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