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Speakers Choice - In Limbo

Brand new to the Stereophile so your advice and opinions are highly appreciated.

A couple of months ago I decided to build my first ever analog system. It, being a beginner system, and because economics, I am thinking about spending $2,000-$3,000 on it. Ideally it would have to include tube pre-amp and amp, but I realize that might not be realistic so a tube integrated amplifier would do (even this might be out of budged as far as I know). The room is about 18' by 13'.

As most rookies do, I imagine, I have spent my time reading online reviews of equipment and forums all over the internets. I'm leaning towards spending most of my money on the source, however, that decision is proving extremely hard to make. I like the VPI Scout and Oracle Delphi MK II but most likely will end up with either a Music Hall or Rega RP1.

As far as pre-amp/amp goes, I have no idea yet.

Lastly, the speakers... I have narrowed it down to these (not in order of preference):

KEF iQ90
Axiom Audio M80Ti
Paradigm Monitor (7/9/11)

Seeing how I'm closer to identifying the speakers, that will probably be the 1st component to purchase.

Need help all all the above so please don't refrain from speaking your mind(s).

Thanks a lot,


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Welcome! You will have to


You will have to listen to your loudspeaker choices and make a determination based on your preferences. No one else should do that for you.

Once you have made that determination you could then ask about amplifier options. Then when you have a list of candidates more auditions are in order.

Good luck on your journey!

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