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Speaker upgrade advice for Spectral/VPI gear

I’m looking to upgrade my speakers from B & W Matrix 803’s for my VPI/Spectral system. I’m looking to spend $10-15K, although I might go as high as $20K. I heard Alta Audio Alecs at RMAF and really liked them ($10K), but I have always liked Avalons paired with Spectral, so maybe the Indra Diamond. Although I have considered Avalon Monitors and love their clarity and imaging, I really want a full-range speaker. I also like the Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene, but not their bigger models. I am open to other suggestions as well. I like the fast response of the speakers above, and overall, balance is critical. I appreciate vocal clarity with no veil. My room is fairly small, maybe 12 x 15, but open significantly (halfway) to a large basement on one side and partially (1/3) to a cubby on the other. Does anyone have personal experience with any of these speakers? Pros and cons of any? Other possibilities?

Current system: Transfiguration Phoenix, Wheaton Triplanar VI, VPI TNT IV, Spectral DMC-20, DMA-180, MIT Cables, B & W Matrix 803, Series 1

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